Androf 3-in-1 Universal Faucet

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Androf 3-in-1 Universal Faucet

Introducing a revolutionary solution to simplify your daily routine. With our washbasin shower nozzles, shampooing your hair or washing your face becomes effortlessly efficient, all while keeping your clothes and shoes dry.

Easy to install, our sleek modern design seamlessly blends into any bathroom, saving precious space while enhancing functionality.


  1. Enhanced Convenience: Our washbasin shower nozzles feature a multifunctional shunt valve, ensuring a superior and more convenient washing experience compared to traditional single-function faucets.

  2. Optimized Water Pressure: Experience the luxury of heightened water pressure with our pressurized shower head, allowing you to enjoy a powerful and invigorating wash.

  3. Water-saving Technology: Our shower head incorporates innovative design elements to reduce water consumption, aiding in cost savings on your water bills while promoting eco-conscious living.

  4. Effortless Installation: With comprehensive instructions and all necessary components included, installation is a breeze. Suitable for various settings including washbasins, bathing tubs, kitchen sinks, laundry rooms, and balconies.

  5. Stylish Design: Choose from a range of stylish options to complement your bathroom decor, imparting a modern aesthetic to your space.

Multifunction Universal Water Taps:

  • Rotating Filter Faucet Aerator: Crafted from sturdy copper with an ABS body and multi-layer plating for enhanced durability, this aerator features a four-layer filter system to remove impurities, ensuring optimal health standards.

  • Two Water Outlet Modes: Enjoy the versatility of two water flow modes: Soft Bubble Stream and Strong Sprayer Shower, catering to diverse cleaning needs with high water pressure for efficient cleaning and oxygen-enriched foam stream for delicate tasks.

  • 1080° Large-Angle Rotating: Featuring three interfaces adjustable in 360 degrees, this robotic arm water nozzle faucet adaptor ensures comprehensive coverage, facilitating easy cleaning in every corner of the sink, suitable for both bathroom and kitchen use.

  • Easy to Install: Compatible with most faucets, this faucet aerator can be directly mounted on faucets with a 22mm male thread diameter or used with the included adapter for faucets with a 23.5-24mm female thread diameter.

  • Multi-Purpose: This swivel foldable spray aerator faucet extender is designed for use in kitchen sinks, facilitating handwashing and fruit/vegetable cleaning. Additionally, it enhances hair and face washing convenience in bathroom sinks, making daily routines a breeze.


Material: Copper

Net Weight: 0.315kg

Package Included: 1 set of Multifunction Universal Water Taps


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