Manual sprayer

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Manual sprayer

Manual water sprayer that helps you maintain your plants, a very practical tool for daily gardening uses

The sprayer is applied to a simple plastic bottle filled with water and with the high-pressure pump you can with a simple gesture release the water from the bottle and water your plants

Also, the head of the sprayer is adjustable according to your use and your need for water quantity. This tool is easy to use, just pump water through the button and twist the spray nozzle to open and close. The tool is made of solid plastic for long durability against wear and tear. Its size of 29*3*4Cm gives this tool a great lightness that allows moving it easily

Apart from that, the length of its hose is 30cm with a capacity of 1 to 8 liters depending on the size of the bottle used. When you buy it, you will receive the sprayer with its accessories: a hose and a rubber ring. Its price is so affordable considering its efficiency. It is only 17.99$ with free home delivery, plus 9-days warranty protection.




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Package included

1x Sprayer
1x Pipe
1x Rubber ring


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