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100ML Strong Car Paint Stripper Paint Removal Spray For Cars Marine Paint Correction Wall Graffiti Restoration Prevention Rust

Bullet Points:

1、High Paint Stripping Effect: The Paint Remover makes it easy to remove paint and strip unwanted paint, saving your time and effort, perfect for renovation.
2、Quick Peeling Model: The Paint Remover is a liquid that is combined with a solvent with high dissolving power, featuring fast paint removal speed and high efficiency.
3、Corrosion-resistant: The Paint Remover is safe for the user, the substrate, and the environment, suitable for removing the car and marine paint, wall graffiti, etc. without damaging the surfaces.
4、Wide Application: The Paint Remover is widely used for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, toys, most parts of paint removers, metal and masonry surfaces, etc.
5、Simple Use in Daily Life: Shake the Paint Remover well and sprays it on the surfaces of cars. After about 15 minutes, the original paint film will have a peeling effect, then just rinse with water to achieve the paint stripping effect.

The Paint Stripper is a solvent with high dissolving power, possible to dissolve the paint film and remove paint with speed and high efficiency. The Paint Remover is safe, reliable, and non-harmful to the environment, suitable for the removal of automotive and marine paint, wall graffiti, etc., and restoring the original gloss without damaging the paint.

1. Perfect for color change or renovation.
2. Fast and safe removal of paint.
3. Widely applicable for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, toys, metal, furniture, etc.
4. High-tech epoxy-strengthened topcoat, strong adhesion, and corrosion-resistant.
Weight: about 135g
Net Content: 100ml
Storage Methods: Store in a cool dry place
Scope of Application: paint removal
Packing List:
1* Paint Stripper
1* Brushes


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